Regolamento delle emissioni dei francobolli Europa

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The Members of PostEurop agree that:

Definition and aim

  1. Europa stamps are special stamps issued by European postal administrations/enterprises under the aegis of PostEurop and which have Europe as their central theme.
  2. Europa stamps should underline cooperation in the domain of posts, particularly as regards the promotion of philately and contribute to making the public aware of common roots, culture and history of Europe and common goals.

Authorisation to issue

  1. All Members of PostEurop are authorised to issue Europa stamps.
  2. Postal administrations/enterprises of the Universal Postal Union who are not Members of PostEurop may also issue stamps, provided that they are part of the European territory and that they are committed to observing the current General Directives and conditions for issuing Europa stamps within the framework of PostEurop.
  3. European territory is understood to mean the territory defined by the CEPT : <<The CEPT considers as a "European country" in the meaning of article 3 of its Agreement, those countries situated to the west of a line starting from the middle of the Bosphorous, crossing the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea up to the mouth of the Ural, running along the river and following the crest of the Ural mountains>>.


  1. The Europa stamps are issued once a year.
  2. Each participating administration/enterprise should preferably issue one stamp, with a maximum of two in exceptional cases.
  3. It is not allowed within the framework of the Europa stamp issues to increase the volume of stamps by making up special products, blocks, se-tenant values (blocks or sheets made up of different stamps) or by special presentations other than those produced according to the national usage for each issue.

Themes and designs

  1. Every year, Europa stamps are included in a theme decided on by PostEurop.
  2. The participants themselves choose the design of their stamp, which shall be within the framework of the general theme.
  3. On certain special occasions (for example an anniversary of one of the international postal organisations), PostEurop may choose one single design.
  4. PostEurop is advised on the choice of themes in par. 1 and single designs in accordance with par. 3 by a Europa stamps Task Force.

Production of the model

  1. The Europa stamps shall be produced in such a way that they are clearly recognised as such.
  2. They will have the characteristic protected Europa logo, in accordance with one of the provisions in Annex 2 without any additions, in an appropriate size, preferably the same size as that of the characters of the name of the country or postal enterprise mentioned.
  3. The reproduction of the CEPT initials and logo is not permitted.
  4. The reproduction of political geographical maps is not permitted.

Value of postage

  1. The value of postage of a Europa stamp shall correspond to the charges most commonly used by the public for ordinary letters. In no event shall it exceed the rate for an airmail/priority letter in the first weight step in the European System.
  2. Surcharges (for example in aid of charitable organisations) are not permitted.

Date of issue, duration of sale

  1. The date of issue of Europa stamps is in principle 9 May each year (Europe Day).
  2. If this date is not suitable (for example if it falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday) or if operational reasons require it (concentration of dates of issue), Europa stamps shall be issued if possible before 9 May so that they shall be available to collectors for cancellation or for activities which relate to the event commemorated by the issue.
  3. Europa stamps shall be on sale at post offices, like current issues, and from philatelic services.


  1. The quantity of stamps shall be calculated in such a way that the demands of clients and collectors are satisfied throughout the sales period.
  2. Europa stamps may not be produced in reduced amounts or be held back for speculative purposes.

Notification of participation

  1. Postal administrations/enterprises which take part in the issue shall inform the PostEurop Secretariat before 15 February of each year of the details of their issue.
  2. The information in Annex 3 is necessary for the drawing up of an official list of all issues and a summary of useful information, including the addresses of philatelic services.
  3. Only the issues mentioned on the PostEurop Internet site will be considered official (

Protective measures

  1. Each participating postal administration/enterprise undertakes the measures necessary for the legal protection of the Europa logo in its country.
  2. It shall ensure that first day covers and other philatelic products which make abusive use of the Europa logo are not cancelled.
  3. The Swiss PTT became the owner of the rights of use of the Europa logo by the payment of fees to the author. It transferred its rights to the participating administrations/enterprises. Cases of abusive use of the logo shall be advised to the Swiss postal enterprise.
  4. Only administrations/enterprises which issue Europa stamps in conformance with the provisions of the current general Directives and conditions for issuing Europa stamps within the framework of PostEurop shall figure in the official list which shall be distributed as a Recommendation to philatelic organisations.

Entry into force

The current general Directives and Conditions shall enter into force on 1st January 1995 and replace Recommendation PO/TP 1 of the former CEPT.